My debut novel, Dear Miss Moreau, is a Contemporary Romance published by Eleventh Hour Literary Press. You can find her on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

With a crush on her American literature professor and a campus mailbox full of his beautifully handwritten, increasingly personal letters, graduate student Edith (Edie) Moreau finds herself a world away from the predictable ennui of the bucolic Louisiana town she called home for over two decades. Her move to Boulder, Colorado to further her academic career is proving to be more of an education than she anticipated.

My current work in progress is a Contemporary Romance about a woman who reconnects with a man with whom she had a brief encounter when she was a teen and he was a rookie cop. Eight years have passed; he is now widowed and she is a high school English teacher who has vowed to never marry.

I’ve discovered I quite enjoy writing characters who’re wrestling with guilt. This is certainly the case for my anguished hero as he is torn between the wife he lost and the woman he first met as a skinny sixteen-year-old with whom he shared a few minutes of coffee and conversation. Remember kids, if there’s no ex-lover or natural disaster or hatchet-wielding madman to create conflict, self-imposed exile fueled by guilt works well for both plot purposes and character development.